Corporate Courtesy & ITSM Framework

6 skills that you master in Communication

​Purpose, Process, Importance, Types of communication, Verbal communication, Barriers to communication, measures over-coming the barriers of communication, the impact of communication and performance.

Remedial English

Parts of speech, sentences, Subject-verb agreement, Tenses, active and passive voice,
Degrees of comparison, Reported speech.

Oral Communication

Advantages and disadvantages of oral communication, improving oral communication, oneto-one oral communication, business presentations, research and planning and structure of
business presentations.

Listening Skills

Importance of Listening skills, types of listening, strategies of effective listening, listening to
complaints and resolving the complaints.

Writing Skills

Note taking, paraphrasing, elements of effective writing, business letters and

Organizational Communication

Telephone Etiquette, E-mail Etiquette, meetings, memo, circulars and notices, report
writing, proof reading.


Types of meetings, Importance of business meetings, conducting meetings, developing
agendas, opening meetings, establishing ground-rules for meeting, time-management and
evaluation of meeting and closing meetings.

Personality Development Skillsets


Cognitive Flexibility


Theory of knowledge

Personal Leadership skills

Emotional Intelligence

Group skills and team Work

Mastering Happiness

Personal Counselling

ITIL - Best ITSM Framework

An ITSM framework focuses on services rather than systems – unlike other IT disciplines such as network management, which is more focused on technology. ITSM emphasizes on approaches that are led by processes. These processes consist of set best practices and are called frameworks. 


ITIL provides guidance that can be reviewed to suit the needs of a certain organization – not as a rigid book of rules. 

Here are three common methodologies for establishments implementing ITIL:

Providing Better Support

Enabling Business Change 

Providing Better Services


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