Ubuntu 20.10 Available to Download!

Here are 11 New Features in Ubuntu 20.10 Groovy Gorilla

Ubuntu 20.10 releases today. An Ubuntu fan may get excited about the new features it brings.

Ubuntu 20.10 codenamed Groovy Gorilla is a non-LTS release with nine months of life cycle. You cannot expect drastic changes between subsequent releases.

It doesn’t mean you won’t find new things in Ubuntu 20.10. There are some performance improvements, new Linux kernel and visual changes thanks to the latest release of GNOME 3.38 (and other desktop environments in various other Ubuntu flavors).

Let’s see what new features Ubuntu 20.10 brings.

New features in Ubuntu 20.10 Groovy Gorilla

I am listing the features in the default GNOME edition of Ubuntu 20.10. You’ll find the same visual changes that you have already seen in the GNOME version 3.38 release.

Ubuntu 20.10 has the purple shade Groovy Gorilla theme default wallpaper. However, I took a liking for the yellow wallpaper of an old camera roll (nostalgia perhaps). I have used the same wallpaper in most of the screenshots here.

1. Calendar events in the message tray

2. Battery percentage indicator

3. QR Code WiFi sharing

4. Muted mic indicator

5. Restart option in Power Off menu

6. Improved fingerprint login support

7. App reorder and organizing

8. Raspberry Pi 4 support

9. Kernel 5.8 brings USB 4 (Thunderbolt port 3) support and more under the hood changes

10. nftables replaces iptables

11. Revamped screenshot tool

As always…Newer version of popular software

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